Publishing House@Conexión conceives books as heritage and a starting point that transcends the literary territory to different realms, by creating experiences, promoting reading, social responsibility, and contributing to the historic memory.

Publishing House@Conexión has three creative areas: coffee table books, a children’s and juvenile collection, and ‘unique’ books.


Books in artistic formats that feature exquisite content and workmanship

Creators in Isolation, Photography and Synthesis

This book compiles the reflections of artists from 15 countries in a variety of disciplines, in isolation due to covid-19. Nominated Book of the Year in 2020 in the category of Distinction by CANIEM, it inspired the emergence of our editorial collection Aislamiento, Testimonio y Perspectiva, (Isolation, Testimonials and Perspectives) which is kept in a time capsule at the Museo de las Artes (MUSA, Museum of the Arts), of the University of Guadalajara until 2040.

Girls, boys and juveniles in Isolation, thinking and creativity

The younger generations faced abrupt changes that marked their childhood and youth in the context of the sanitary contingency declaration. This publication gathers the testimony of 137 participants from 7 countries.


Health sector. Testimonials, reflection and tribute

The testimonials of the health sector professionals from the University of Guadalajara, as a reference in their impeccable management of health contingencies, are presented as a reflection and tribute to these people who were considered heroes in the battle against Covid-19.

Creative and cultural industries Leaders and Perspectives

The challenge for the creative industries forced creators and their allies to reinvent themselves. The perspective of leaders in these fields in the face of uncertain times is captured in this publication.

Mannequin Tales, Contemporary Fashion History in Guadalajara

Design and fashion in Guadalajara have been a benchmark for this industry in Mexico. Prominent designers and professionals in the field are brought together in this publication that enhances its value through portraits and events.


Books written by young and extraordinary authors, whose work becomes the seed of projects that contribute and add value, with the support and strategic vision of Conexión.


El Puntito

El Puntito is a children’s story written by Luis Ernesto Martínez Novelo (Lu), bassist of the Rock Group La Gusana Ciega when he was a high school student, and excellently illustrated by Carlos Vélez.

This book leads an altruistic project created by Conexión in synergy with companies and institutions to promote reading habits, donating 100% of its sales to support cancer and renal insufficiency treatments for children treated in the Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara.




A children’s story written by Bruno Martínez Rosales, at the age of 10, in times of the covid-19 pandemic, where he re-creates a fantastic being in the world of alebrijes (brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical (fantasy/mythical) creatures, Wikipedia), who is looking for a heart. A short story, almost a fable, which contains a universal message.

Benjamín, 7 languages Collection 

The story of the alebrije Benjamin has been translated into three languages native to Mexico: Wiráxika, Nahualt and Mi’phaa, as well as into English, French, German and Slovak, connecting children from all over the world with Benjamin’s emotions and genuine quest.


Special books that transcend, becoming unique publications, leaving a footprint on their creators, readers and ecosystems. With this collection we add strategic vision and value propositions to the authors’ ideas.

Reserved Forecast

This is the first book published by actress Diana Bracho, in which she reveals a mature and exceptional poet. To her, the love for language is essential in her acting work as well as in her approach to literature. Her admiration for Japanese poetry and its synthesis is her reference for this publication.

Shure, 20 years of Vive Latino

Shure, the microphone specialist brand has accompanied the Vive Latino for more than 20 years. That is why in this emblematic anniversary a unique book is created to compile Shure moments with music artists at the largest rock and alternative music festival in Latin America.

Inauguration of Omnilife Stadium

The opening of the Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara stadium -the most important team in Mexico- treasured emblematic moments, in which the press, fans, sponsors and the soccer teams that played the game that night, witnessed and expressed their admiration for the inaugural ceremony. A selection of photos, statements and historical memory was printed in a limited edition for owners and staff who co-created a night that would change the course of field-level events in Mexico.


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